Kraft Box Containers (India) Private Limited needs no introduction among the users of corrugated boxes as our boxes with the popular brand name ‘Box Boards’ are a sign of the finest quality in terms of their finishing and durability. The quality of the ultimate product ‘the BOX’ is such that it is simply ‘not just a box’ for our industrial and commercial customers but an asset to them for packaging, storing and transporting their products with the safety that their products need.

The qualities mentioned above i.e. ‘Finishing’ and ‘Durability’ are results of high quality raw materials, trained employees, the best-in-class machines, a modern lab to test the quality of our boxes and micro-planned management which brings in efficiency in each aspect of production be it planning for raw materials, actual production and even post production. This ensures that everything works seamlessly and is free of disruptions.

But working seamlessly does not mean that there is no innovation. We constantly innovate because we believe that Research never ends. It is a continuous self refining process. Innovation is also required for customizing our products as per the requirements of our clients. Certain products, by their very nature, require a higher degree of protection. We recognize this and work on providing the best solutions to everyone. The best compliment that we got from a client was ‘Box Boards never compete on price. They compete on quality.’ A sustained focus on client welfare gives us a large number of repeat orders and a long term association with our clients.

We can write many experiences but we invite you to experience the pleasure of using a ‘boxboard’ manufactured by ‘Kraft Box’.